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private instruction

AYG offers private instruction with an experienced Authorized Level II Teacher. Learning in a private setting accelerates the understanding of Ashtanga Yoga and encourages intelligent development for an aligned yoga practice.  Private sessions are beneficial for gaining experience and comfort before attending our daily Mysore program.  Although beginners are always welcome to attend any Ashtanga class, private instruction with Stanley A Woodman is a valuable and convenient option.

Why take a private yoga class?

Private Yoga:

  • Convenient for busy people. Schedule a class at your home, office, or outdoor venue, with a time that suits you.

  • Less intimidating for beginner students or those who need more personal attention.

  • Gain insight on how to do poses with correct personal alignment. 

  • Get help on how to work with injuries to strengthen and prevent future recurrences. 

  • Receive tailored and focused instruction on particular areas of the body as needed.

  • Focus on healing individual health concern.

  • Get motivated, build a personal practice and value presence.

Workplace Yoga:

  • Allows employees to participate in a shared experience regardless of their skill levels.

  • Creates opportunities to bond in a relaxed and fun setting. 

  • Proven to provide many cognitive, emotional, and physical benefits.

  • Improved productivity and increased employee motivation. 

  • Leading successful companies like Apple, Google, and Forbes have introduced yoga into their corporate wellness programs and have reaped dynamic benefits.

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