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Mysore style yoga is the traditional way to learn and practice Ashtanga Yoga as taught by Sri K. Pattabhi Jois and R. Sharath Jois. In a Mysore style room each student builds from one pattern of asana to a more challenging pattern of asanas until proficiency is attained. Our experienced teacher facilitates class with student specific physical adjustments and verbal instruction. Each consecutive day of teacher instruction builds on the previous day with a focus on deepening and perfecting the point of focus (drishti), breath (prana), and posture (asana). Individual guidance and modifications from the teacher create an intimate relationship between student and practice. The sequential process of learning in the Mysore setting builds new pathways for prana circulation, muscle development and mindful concentration. Habits of daily individualized learning facilitates new insight and challenges old conditionings. 






This class is suitable for experienced students who are already familiar with Primary Series and have practiced up to Marichayasana C. The teacher is the guide in Led class. The primary sequence of postures and the numbered breath associated  are called out in Sanskrit. Practitioners move per instruction together as one unit. Careful attention to the pattern of breath and movement heightens the efficacy of practice; every inhale is an upward movement, and every exhale a downward movement. Our body uses a tremendous amount of energy to maintain homeostasis. In Ashtanga we try to create very smooth even movements. This creates a foundation of steadiness. Here, asana, pranayama, and dhyana begin to lay a foundation of calm evenness resting within us.





  • We request that new students commit to at least one month with a minimum of three classes per week. 

  • New students please contact here to register.

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